Plasfloor interlocking floor tile system is designed and manufactured in England by Barkley Plastics Limited

Barkley Plastics has traded in the West Midlands since 1965 and delivers plastic moulding solutions to organisations across the globe. With experience across a wide-range of market sectors from automotive to inventions, Barkley Plastics delivers a total solution to its clients from concept to completion

The business operates out of an 80,000 sq.ft facility and produces in excess of 80 million mouldings each year. They are processed through over 40 moulding presses from 5 tonne to 520 tonne, which can operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Barkley Plastics also operates one of the largest tool making facilities in the UK that produces high precision tools capable of delivering millions of mouldings for distribution throughout the UK into Europe and across the world

The Plasfloor interlocking floor tile system was developed by Barkley Plastics to fulfil their requirement for a durable, easy to maintain factory floor solution. The flooring has been installed in the factory for over five years, being subject to industrial environment and trafficked daily by forklift trucks.

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