Q) My floor is uneven and covered in holes and cracks will I need to resurface these areas before I can lay Plasfloor?
A) No the tile is designed to go straight over these areas and hide all the defects of up to 10mm. If an area is particularly bad, then the tile over the problem area can be picked up and a little leveling compound can be added. This will save time and money by only repairing the worst areas.  

Q) Should I lay the tiles right up to the edge of the wall?
A) No, due to possible expansion. Before installation, leave the tiles in the room to acclimatise as they can expand in the summer and contract in winter of around +/- 5mm. We advise that you m
ove the tiles away from the walls by 6mm to allow for expansion. A skirting board may be added above the tile so the expansion and contraction is not seen.

Q) If I lay the tiles on a hot day will I need the expansion gap of 7mm?
A) On a hot day we would recommend leaving a smaller gap of around 3 - 4mm

Q) Can I move my tiles somewhere else?
A) Yes, Plasfloor tiles are portable and can be readily lifted and relayed

Q) How long do I have to wait to use the floor once the tiles have been laid?
A) You can use the floor immediately after the tiles have been laid.

Q) Are the tiles waterproof
A) The tiles are splash proof, you can spill a bucket of water and no water will seep through. The tiles can also be cleaned with a scrubber drier with almost no water penetration (for areas in contact with water we would advise a small amount of silicon on the edges of the joint).

Q) What is the best way to cut the tiles?
A) Using a Jig Saw (£12 off Ebay) or a band saw, it is also possible to use a Stanley Knife but we wouldn’t recommended it due to repetitive strain.

Q) Can the tiles take the weight of my car?
A) Yes, the tiles can withstand over 5 tonne in weight

Q) Are the tiles oil resistant?
A) Yes, Plasfloor is resistant to most chemicals suchas hydraulic oil, petrol and even some acids etc

Q) Do I need to glue the tiles down?
A) No, the weight of the tiles per square meter are 5kg so once laid it does not move under normal traffic, if laid next to a rolling road etc in a garage then the edging tiles could be glued or screwed.

Q) Are the tile suitable for outdoors or in direct sunlight?
A) Not really as the sunlight will affect them, if a garage door is open then they can suffer from warping especially if some of the tiles are exposed to sunlight and some are shaded. This can be overcome if the two areas are laid as two separate floors and not joined together and the ones in sunlight are glued down with laminate floor glue. It is best to divide the two floors with our sloped edging.

Q) I have had a large oil spillage how can I clean them?
A) Remove one tile and then lift the area that is affected and take them outside and jetwash them or clean them in a bucket then relay them.

Q) How long do the tiles last?
A) We have been using them in our Barkley Plastics factory for well over 5 years and they have been subject to forklift traffic on a daily basis. The great thing about Plasfloor is the flexibility to maintain or replace certain tiles as and when required, so upkeep time and costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

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