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Plasfloor part of Barkley Plastics ltd who supply plastic mouldings to some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world such as BMW, Land Rover and Bentley and are manufactured in the Uk.

We only use prime Virgin PVC which is Durable, Flame retardant which is easy to clean and simple to lay, Plasfloor interlocking tiles are 4.5mm of thick, solid and flexible PVC, designed to withstand industrial use with the harsh impact of daily factory traffic – and can take a 10 tonne weight without even a dent.

Unlike concrete, Plasfloor retains its fresh look, leaving you with an attractive working environment for longer, with the added benefit of being a waterproof (anti-slip) and fireproof. With raised dimples for reduced wear & tear, they also provide anti fatigue and warmth when standing for long periods of time.

Cleaning off unwanted oil or grease couldn’t be easier and Plasfloor tiles are even resistant to hydraulic oil & most other oils and petrols… including acids!

We pride ourselves on providing both the cheapest cost and best quality tiles because we manufacture them here in the uk! (Not to be confused with Eva Foam Tiles)

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The tiles come in a great range of colours so you can get creative with your floor design. If there is a specific colour you require or you would like a corporate engraved logo on each tile this can be added at your request. Just send us an email to so we can offer you a price for your bespoke flooring.

Don’t keep painting your garage or factory floor every time it peels off, do it properly with Plasfloor tiles and never have to do it again. If your floor is very uneven with holes and ridges up to 10mm then these tiles hide all the faults.

You can use all types of car jacks on these tiles as they are solid. There are other so called thicker tiles available on the market which only have a waffle type design underneath which will only cause the jack to fall over.

Plasfloor tiles are ideal for exhibitions, work shops, showrooms, garages, machine shops, factorys, vans & lorries, laundry rooms, play rooms, warehouses, gyms, sheds and much more.

The tiles are sold at £20.83 + VAT per square meter which consists of 25, 200mm x 200mm tiles, delivered to you in easy to handle small boxes for stress free installation. Being totally portable you can relay the floor somewhere else should you wish, or replace any individual tiles as required.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Plasfloor interlocking floor tiles are distributed by the manufacturer, Barkley Plastics, suppliers to BMW, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

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Durable, easy to clean and simple to lay, Plasfloor is perfect interlocking floor tile solution for any industrial environment.

About Plasfloor

Durable, easy to clean and simple to lay, Plasfloor interlocking tiles are 4.5mm of thick, solid and flexible PVC, designed to withstand industrial use with the harsh impact of daily factory traffic.

The Environment

The Barkley Plastics Strategic Plan aims to improve energy efficiency year on year. This policy is driven by our desire for continual improvement and our commitment to ISO14001.


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