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Laying Plasfloor couldn’t be easier, and it can go onto any uneven, cracked concrete floor with no preparation. Once it’s down, it can be used immediately, so there’s no waiting for the paint to dry.

Step one: Before installation

  • Leave the tiles in the room to acclimatise as they can expand in the summer and contract in winter of around +/- 5mm in an area the size of a double garage.
  • Sweep the floor clear of dust and debris

Step two: Rapid Installation

Starting with a 3m2 area, using 9 packs of tiles (25 tiles per pack = 225 tiles)

  • Take one tile (200mm x 200mm) and cut the dovetail edge off the top and left hand side of the tile before placing it in the back left hand corner of the room.
  • Cut the top edge of the dovetails off on 14 more tiles and then fix the tiles together, including the corner tile using a hammer (you won’t damage them) & proceed to lay the tiles along the back edge of the room. 15 tiles is 3m in length.
  • Do the same for the left hand side of the room, cutting off the dovetails on the left side of 14 more tiles.
  • You will now have a right angle of tiles 15 down (3m) and 15 across (3m) meeting in the back left corner of your room. Move the tiles away from the walls by 7mm to allow for expansion.
  • Pre-assemble tiles into blocks of 4 (2×2) and complete the square (which will be 9sqm in total).
  • If everything looks ok, extend the right angle to cover the whole expansion of the room before filling in the square with your remaining tiles.

N.B Do not cut off the dovetails where there are doors or open edges as you may want to add edging strips to get a finished look. Click here to view and purchase edging strips

  • If the room is not square the tiles on the outside can be then cut to compensate.
  • Do not place tiles in direct sunlight or they will warp and then contract at dusk.
  • If the tiles are in sunlight then they will have to be separated from the shaded tiles and laid in two separate floors and possibly glued down with laminate floor glue.

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Durable, easy to clean and simple to lay, Plasfloor is perfect interlocking floor tile solution for any industrial environment.

About Plasfloor

Durable, easy to clean and simple to lay, Plasfloor interlocking tiles are 4.5mm of thick, solid and flexible PVC, designed to withstand industrial use with the harsh impact of daily factory traffic.

The Environment

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